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30 yearsĀ  of providing towing & roadside assistance to St Clair Shores, Roseville, Eastpointe, Fraser, Warren MI (Macomb County Michigan)


It happens to all of us…

One of the foremost and basic necessities of living in society is the ability to transport yourself from where you are, to get to your destination whether it is around the corner around the block or around the state.

And one of the side effects of having the ability to drive down to the grocery store to fill up your trunk with groceries so that you can bring it back home for your family to eat, Is the inevitable fact that there will be sooner or later the need and the necessity for maintenance and roadside assistance with your light and medium size vehicle if and when it shuts down or breaks down.

Now here at our towing organization we firmly believe in the process of preparation for the inevitable. And we also believe that the ability to prepare for about the possibility of something happening Sooner or later is a trait that is reflective of being a responsible And mature driver that will not let anything detail then from their peace of mind.


This is where WE come in..

Our tippy top towing services are known for tip top service are all around the country.

Established over 80 years ago from a small local farm hand Who absolutely refused to allow his lack of formal education stop him from following his dream of owning a business where there was a need.

And those who are familiar with our company and the way that our organizational structure is set up can attest to the fact that our company holds dear and true to the same principles that allowed the founder to rise up the ranks of achievement in this industry.

From our well trained staff of community service to even our receptionist, Down to our quick response dispatch team that answers your calls even to our operators and management team.

We are here for you…

Proud partners with novitowing.com another reputable company of Oakland County