Light and Medium Duty towing


Life is a game of risks..

However the level of risk exponentiates every time and driver pulls their vehicle out onto the road. By having roadside assistance apart of your vehicle insurance or by just service calling us out yourself you greatly Increase your capacity to deal with the risks that arise when you are on the road.

Sometimes the driver of our tow truck will be able to help pinpoint a problem that you didn’t necessarily know was the problem, Therefore saving you the cost of the actual tow and only leaving you or your insurance company with the cost of the service call out.


What Can we tow?

Here at tippy top tow services we are fully equipped and prepared to be able to handle the majority of towing needs for civilian vehicles. However there are a few and rare occasions when the vehicle that is inquired about for us to come and so is bigger than ours Therefore not allowing us to be able to render service.

We offer a number of different types of tow truck vehicles for the wide variety of needs.

Our company has trucks that are both of the flatbed type as well as trailer trucks.

Depending on your type of vehicle, one may be more suitable than the other.

For some vehicles it actually is not ideal to use the trailer type of towing truck because of the fact that it needs to be hooked up and dragged along.

For these types of vehicles we would not bring our trailer tow truck but rather a flatbed that allows the vehicle to be easily loaded onto our low flat bed surface.

The flatbed tow truck is also ideal if you are a contractor looking to transport equipment with less hassle then doing it yourself. We will provide that dependable car tow and auto lockout service that you deserve. You can reference our sister company on How to unlock your vehicle

We will also provide…

Building owners commercial property owners restaurant owners office space owners mall owners private venue owners nightlife club owners With our professional towing services if the occasion arises that someone illegally parked in a space not designated for that use.

I know I know I know this is an ugly dirty stinking job but by gosh somebody’s got to do it.

There has been quite the number of occasions when a vehicle owner would come into our office is screaming and infuriated Because they got caught on parking in a space that they knew they were not supposed to get didn’t really think that they would be towed.

But nevertheless our duty is to the people and if we are called and there are actual legal grounds to remove the vehicle our services will be offered and rendered.

This vehicle pick up service that we offer is usually given that little to zero cost to the company owner, And more so applied it to the tab that the vehicle owner has to pay before picking up their vehicle when they come to the office.

Thank you we look forward to hearing from you keep us in mind when anything goes wrong with your vehicle and keep checking back for more updates.