Quick Response Dispatch


We value your time..

One of the biggest factors that separates our company with the multitude of different institutions out there Is the amount of time and resources that we have invested into fully for a finely tuned quick response team.

Just like the Good Samaritan would not pass the stranded and bruised fellow by, We understand that sometimes in the midst of confusion or something unexpected like your vehicle trouble in the middle of transit, You need a team that you can rely on that you can trust in that you are assured will arrive in a very timely fashion.


Why such a high priority on time?

This is more than just an act of courtesy and respect towards you as a customer and as a human being, We prioritize the time that it takes between the dispatch and the site of the vehicle disruption because of a very personal story that hit home for the founder of our company.

Years and years and years ago before the company was started the owner had we had a situation where his aunt was traveling about a hour away for a social trip to see friends that she hasn’t seen in maybe 10 years or so.

These friends of hers were on their way out of the country for a vacation and their layover was near the small rural town where she stayed.

Yet as fate would have it Mother Nature decided to unleash a torrential downpour on the very day before her friends left on their flight. After a brief moment contemplating her decision the aunt decided that she would brave her fears and the weather and set out on this hour journey in her vehicle That she has been driving for about 20 years. She had a trust in it and yet she did not want to miss her friends while they were in town.

Now during this time 80 plus years ago and in the rural and farming area in which the aunt lived there were far less paved and even roads in the community than we see now. And on top of the fact that the road infrastructure was more risky especially in inclement weather, there also with the absence of cellular communication during those times.

How often can we easily forget to appreciate the luxuries of our times.

Well to make a long story short, dear old aunt to not make it down to friends just an hour away. On this dark and desolate country road she actually ended up hitting a deep puddle that was concealed by immense amount of water, damaging her bumper, flooding and stalling her engine, blowing her tire, and leaving her unconscious for a period of time with minor bruises.

For years and years and years during almost every family gathering after this experience the aunt would recount the story with her family among who was her ambitious nephew who was deeply impacted by the pain and despair she expressed that she felt as every minute ticked by.

And we carry on the intensity of the essence of this message in the way that we conduct our business in getting to you in your time of need here at Tippy Top Towing.